MCC Rooms for Optimized Control

Prefabricated Control Room Installation


If you are looking for sawmill, lumber mill, or manufacturing plant optimization in MS, TX, VA, AR, or LA be sure to check out prefabricated control room and MCC (motor control room) installations through Edwards Industrial Rooms, LLC. 

What We Offer

Edwards Industrial Rooms, LLC offers fast and efficient prefabricated control room installations for your business needs.  Because our control rooms are prefabricated and constructed offsite, the onsite assembly is kept to a minimum; allowing you to oversee plant or mill operations with as little disruption as possible.  

Benefits of using our prefabricated control rooms include:

  • Safety for employees in inclement weather
  • HVAC climate control
  • Use as workrooms for additional productivity
  • Drop-ceiling LED lights
  • Turn-key installation (catwalks or ground level)

Whether your MCC room will be located at a mill or plant that is associated with any other industry; providing your business with a safe prefabricated room is Edwards Industrial Rooms number one priority.  Our installation services are customizable to your unique organizational needs so you get the right fit for you.

American Values

At Edwards Industrial Rooms, LLC we are proud of the fact that our control rooms are 100% made in the U.S.  We uphold American values of professionalism, customer service, and efficiency.  Let us help  your business become more productive; with Edwards Industrial Rooms prefabricated control room installations your productivity and efficiency will increase through an optimized work environment. 

Providing a separate workspace during stormy weather offers stability during the workday and drives additional productivity.  Additionally, you can increase efficiency by offering a prefabricated control room as a quiet and safe respite for daily operations.

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Call our office at (850) 223-1064 x101 or go to our online contact form to request more information and a free quote on the installation of a new prefabricated building for your company today.  We look forward to servicing your needs.