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 MCC Rooms and Enclosed Operator Cabs for Sawmills and Petrochemical Plants are crucial to the safety of your employees and the protection of your equipment. Visit our website to receive a free quote; or call us at 1-850-223-1064.  

We build Modular Offices, MCC Control Rooms & Military Guard Shacks

Safety is Priority #1 in every Industry


Safe HVAC, Climate Controlled MCC Rooms , Operator Cabs and Work spaces increase productivity.  Our climate control enclosed prefabricated buildings are designed to be portable and relocatable specializing in a safe environment with Guard Shacks, Security Booths for your Access Points and Entrance Gates, Prefabricated Smoking Shelters or Break Rooms and our Modular Offices for the Lumber, Mining and Petrochemical Industries; making safety a #1 priority for all.  For more information and a free quote email  or call 1-850-223-1064 x101

Keeping your People and Equipment out of the weather



Edwards Industrial Rooms, LLC is a company dedicated to manufacturing and installing Motor Control Room Centers that are used in Sawmills, Fabrication Plants, Pulp & Paper Mills, Petrochemical Plants,  outside or inside the plant and Warehouse Offices as well as prefabricated Football Field Press Boxes, Military Guard Shacks, and Truck Weighing Scale Houses just to name a few.  Our Prefabricated Rooms and Modular Offices will insure your people and equipment are safe and out of the weather. For more information and a free quote email  or call 1-850-223-1064 x101.


We can Retro-fit, Build and Install Portable Relocatable, Safe Climate Controlled Modular Rooms, Portable Offices, or Military Guard Shacks, just to name a few, from CONEX/Containers for I.C.E., DHS and Immigration Facilities.


 Helping our Federal Agencies such as I.C.E. , DHS and Customs & Border Control keeping  men, women and children safe and out of harms way in a safe environment improving safety and quality of life for those displaced by severe weather and those along the borders. Protecting people and officers with Portable Relocatable Rooms, Modular Offices, Smoking Shelters, Housing and Sleeping Quarters will help everyone involved.  We can build and install you a Retro-fit CONEX/Container facility or a Complex for housing, offices or training facilities for Firefighters, Law Enforcement or Troops training anywhere in the USA or we can ship anywhere worldwide. For more information and a free quote email  or call 1-850-223-1064 x101. 

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We Provide Portable Relocatable Immigration Facilities

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